Overview of the UNESCO UK Youth Delegation Project

UNA-YP’s latest project recognises the importance of UNESCO in the modern world: A mandate which seeks to promote quality education, the conservation of cultural heritage, innovation in science and freedom of expression to all people. Therefore it is regrettable that the youth have currently very little influence at UNESCO on the national level. This campaign seeks to implement a sustainable UNESCO Youth Delegate Programme in the UK which can affect concrete and lasting positive change in UNESCO affairs. The delegation would also serve the youth of the nation by publicising and raising awareness towards particular issues, opportunities and challenges that UNESCO and it’s supporters face in the UK: providing a platform upon which young people can have their voices heard.

Despite possessing over 30 recognised UNESCO world heritage sites, and being a global leader in international influence, education, science and culture, the United Kingdom does not currently possess a delegation which allows one of multiple young people to represent the nation’s youth voices on the international diplomatic level at UNESCO.

This project seeks to change that.


Our Role as the UNA Youth Platform of the UK

Following on from and working closely with the taskforce of the UN Youth Delegation Project, in September 2020 the UNESCO delegation was drafted by the Current General Secretary Ethan Lees together with members of the CUUNA (Cambridge University United Nations Association) External Relations Committee based upon the same principles and ethos as UNA-YP’s flagship UN delegation: Educating, raising awareness and working towards a sustainable solution to the lack of youth representation by the UK at UNESCO.

Utilising the solid foundation and precedent for UN Youth Project growth at UNA-YP since it’s inception, the taskforce for the UNESCO UK Youth Delegation is currently researching, drafting and planning the production of a Formal Proposal to the government, in addition to building the contacts, knowledge and support-base necessary to successfully lobby the FCDO and relevant UK government ministries required to establish the new UNESCO Youth Delegation.


Our Campaign

The taskforce for the implementation of the UNESCO Youth Delegation is currently in the process of establishing key international partnerships with current and former UNESCO Youth Delegates, as well as international UNESCO Youth organisations across the globe, in order to learn the best practices, processes and functions of the project.

Through applying the extraordinary talents, skills and expertise of our taskforce, advisors and external contacts, we hope to be able to tailor our proposal to the UK government and its key ministry stakeholders in order to effectively implement the UK’s first UNESCO Youth Delegation, and help to establish the UK as a global leader in youth representation in matters of Education, Science and Culture.



UNESCO UK Youth Delegation

Much in the spirit of our mission, we’re always looking for new, innovative and passionate young people and partners to support our campaign. You can get involved and support our efforts for this campaign today in various ways, from supporting and following us on our social media, engaging in our national UNA-YP General Committee to have your voice heard by the leaders and team working on the project, or by applying directly via our Chief Representative's contact email to join the taskforce and give your all to help make our vision a reality.


Chief Representative: era.lees@unayp.uk