Director of Finance

The financing of an organisation is the backbone to all success within it, be it raising funds for our all our marketing and outreach programs, contacting sponsors for our events and conferences to supporting all the good we do with our campaigns, having a good foundation is what he strives to achieve during his directorship. Terry hopes to grasp the four fundamental aspects of the Finance department: Financial Control, Financial Reporting, Financial Funding and Financial Strategy, utlising his knowledge from his education and past experiences as well as the joint coordination with department directors.

Having joined the UNA-YP as a head delegate representing Leeds in March, he has served in the Marketing, Outreach and MUN department and made good progress in inviting and liaising with secondary schools in behalf of the UNA-YP, which he wishes to continue working on as a side project to his duties as Director of Finance and support the organisation as best he can.


When he is not working on the UNA-YP, Terry is a second-year student studying Financial Mathematics at the University of Leeds. He specialises in corporate finance and management which he hopes to use one day in a career in banking and finance. Being an active MUNer for over 7 years, he has participated, chaired and organised multiple conferences within the UK and internationally and now he is the current President of the Leeds Model United Nations Society and enjoys teaching and educating newcomers to the world of MUN.

As a hobby, Terry has always been interested in travelling across the world. Last year, he had a goal to travel to as many UK cities as he can.  Through the UNA-YP, Terry hopes to be an integral asset of the organisation, supporting all the campaigns, objectives and missions behind the scenes making sure everything runs smoothly and effectively.