Making the SDG's a Reality

The Policy Research Papers are undertaken with the aim to advance education of youth with a current focus on the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Once all of these goals have been researched, the UNA-YP will undertake research more broadly which will promote the education of human rights issues among youth between the ages of 16 to 30.


Sustainable Development Goals

The policy research campaign programme is currently focusing on the UN SDGs, as they target fundamental challenges faced around the world. There are SDGs, which collectively seek to establish a positive and sustainable future and intended to be fully realised by 2030. Although each SDG incorporates distinct targets, providing a clear indication of the respective goal’s desired outcome, all 17 SDGs are closely interlinked, which each individual report will emphasise.


Our Role as the UNA Youth Platform of the UK

Research undertaken by a UNA-YP branch focuses on both a youth and a UK perspective. For the SDGs research, this entails comprehensive research papers for each SDG. These include outlining the current status of the UK in meeting the SDG targets, the general status of countries around the world and consideration of specific policies the UK could undertake to move towards achieving the relevant SDG. After completion of these reports, a compiled report containing an explanation of the interconnectivity of the SDGs and an outline of the role for youth action generally and with regard to different SDGs will be constructed to serve as an overview.



You can get involved and support our efforts for this campaign today in various ways, from supporting and following us on our social media, engaging in our national General Committee to have your voice heard by the campaigns team working on the project, or by applying directly to be a researcher to undertake a research policy paper alongside a team of researchers.