Director of Model UN Skills

As the Founding Director of the Model United Nations department of UNA-YP, Raed’s main focus during his time in office was to ensure that every member of the Youth Platform had access to the best possible resources to learn more about Model UN. Having been involved in the circuit for over 3 years, Raed wanted to change the way MUN is taught to participants, by focusing more on teaching skills that are versatile in their application rather than just being suited for Model UN. Raed's work included creating a training booklet that outlined how to go about training Lobbying, Public Speaking, Negotiating, Researching, and Framework Building, all into a concise 12 page document available for training officers at the future inaugural UNA-YP UK UN Youth Summit. Additionally, Raed also laid the foundations for organising the training workshops for the future UK UN Youth Summit through which participants will get the opportunity to gain some valuable insight on the skills Model UN participants require in their toolbox, and the methods of developing them.


Originally from Pakistan, Raed pursued a BSc in Economics at UCL, preparing himself to enter the world of investment banking upon graduation. He was involved in Model UN for the last 3 years, and enjoyed attending conferences in 4 different countries. He is extremely passionate about broadening educational opportunities to people from low income backgrounds and worked as a part time education consultant to achieve that cause. In his free time, you can find him catching up on Rick and Morty episodes, learning new songs on his guitar, or reading a good book on the economics of third world countries.