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UNA-UK Officially Recognises the UNA Youth Platform

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

The UNA-YP was formally recognised by UNA-UK's Board of Trustees yesterday on June 17th. This marks a tremendous milestone and achievement for the new UK Youth Platform, which has grown with an increasing vigour and swiftness to gain the support of over 30 local youth UNAs and MUN societies across the country.

Plans were originally devised to found the Youth Platform in November 2019 at UNA-UK's Together First Summit, by Youth Representatives from UNA Canterbury, Cambridge University UNA, East Anglia University UNA, Oxford Brookes UNA and Sheffield UNA. 7 months on, the UNA-YP now boasts a roster of 30+ member organisations:

  1. Cambridge University United Nations Association (CUUNA)

  2. Cardiff University MUN Society (CardiffMUN)

  3. Coventry University MUN Society (CovMUN)

  4. Keele University MUN Society (KMUN)

  5. Kent Model United Nations Society (KentMUN)

  6. King’s College London United Nations Association (KCLUNA)

  7. Leeds Model United Nations (LeedsMUN)

  8. Liverpool Model United Nations (LivMUN)

  9. London Metropolitan University MUN Society (LMMUN)

  10. London School of Economics United Nations Society (LSESU UNSoc)

  11. Oxford Brookes MUN (BrookesMUN)

  12. Oxford University United Nations Association (OUUNA)

  13. SOAS United Nations Society (SOAS UNSoc)

  14. UNA Canterbury

  15. UNA University of Aberdeen

  16. University College London United Nations Association (UCLUNA)

  17. University of Bath Model United Nations (BUMUN)

  18. University of Birmingham United Nations Society (Birmingham UNSoc)

  19. University of Bristol Model United Nations Society (BrisMUN)

  20. University of East Anglia Model United Nations (UEAMUN)

  21. University of Edinburgh MUN Society (EdMUN)

  22. University of Leicester MUN Society (LeicMUN)

  23. University of Loughborough MUN Society

  24. University of Manchester Model United Nations Society (ManMUN)

  25. University of Plymouth Model United Nations Society (PlymMUN)

  26. University of Sheffield Model United Nations Society (SheffMUN)

  27. University of Sheffield United Nations Association (SheffUNA)

  28. University of St Andrews Model United Nations (SaintMUN)

  29. University of Sussex Model United Nations Society (SussexMUN)

  30. Warwick United Nations Society (Warwick UNSoc)

  31. York United Nations Association (York UNA)

Many more are in the process of formally taking up their seats as representatives on the Youth Platform's General Committee, and the number of volunteers working as part of the UNA-YP's internal departments of Campaigns, Finance, Logistics, Marketing, Model UN and Outreach continue to grow in number and enthusiasm.

The Youth Platform's Board of Directors would like to formally extend gratitude to UNA-UK for their consideration, approval and continued support that the Youth Platform has received from staff members and elected trustees, undoubtedly helping to guide the UNA-YP through its first months, despite the limitations imposed by the global pandemic.

The Board of Directors would therefore like to renew the Youth Platform's pledge to support the UNA-UK by partaking in the Association's national campaigns and mandates; educating and promoting a greater understanding of the role, functions and potential of the United Nations, its agencies and its Charter, with special attention to the Sustainable Development Goals; furthering the ideals, principles and objectives of the United Nations and empowering youth to become involved in its realisation, reform and development.

"Today marks yet another step towards achieving the full potential that we strive for at the UNA-YP" said the Youth Platform's Board of Directors. "We are incredibly grateful to UNA-UK for their backing, and sincerely hope that with their support we can make many of our goals, such as a UN Youth Delegate Programme in the United Kingdom, a reality."

The Youth Platform's General Committee and Board of Directors will now begin the drafting of the official constitution of the UNA-YP, with a formal constitutional convention to be held at a later date this year, where member UNAs and MUN societies will amend and ratify the document. Plans remain for an official Foundation Conference to be held in either late October or November, pending covid-19-related rulings, as well as for the Youth Platform's campaigns for the Youth Delegate Programme, the UN75 and SDGs to continue.

For more information about the UNA-YP, its campaigns, aspirations and achievements, follow our social media on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & LinkedIn.

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