The Outreach Directorate is the division responsible for developing UNA-YP’s relationship with the community. This includes actors and stakeholders such as local UNAs, NGOs, UN Agencies, charities, and other youth organisations. In doing so, we seek to establish UNA-YP’s presence and credibility in the network of international and humanitarian organisations. 

The Outreach directorate works closely with other departments to coordinate campaigns across social media, find speakers for our regular online Webinar Events, as well as for the Youth Platform's Foundation Conference, and encourage individuals and societies to get involved with our fledgling organisation.

As such the department's three main focuses also correspond to its three sub-teams:

  1. Recruitment

    This involves recruiting and reaching out to youth UNAs and Model UN societies across the United Kingdom to invite and encourage them to get involved in the Youth Platform and its projects


  2. Invitations

    This involves inviting high-profile figures to partake in online UNA-YP speaker and panel events, as well as drafting invitations for guests to physical conferences such as the Youth Platform's Foundation Conference


  3. Liaison

    This involves liaising, maintaining correspondence and relationships with key stakeholders and professionals within national bodies and international politics

Each sub-team is comprised of outreach officers headed by deputies and led by the director of outreach.