The Marketing Directorate manages the publicity, branding and external face of the Youth Platform. This involves growing the UNA-YP's social media presence across multiple platforms, establishing the Youth Platform's credibility in the online network of national and international organisations, as well as liaising with press and handling media releases relating to the UNA-YP's projects.

The marketing department collaborates closely with the campaigns, logistics and outreach department teams to facilitate publicity for upcoming events, conferences, campaigns progress and general updates about the Youth Platform.

As such the department has two core areas of focus:

  1. Publicity

    This involves the creation and design of effective graphics and composition of posts to publicise across the Youth Platform's social media, as well as the active engagement and growth of the UNA-YP's presence online to help promote its campaigns, goals and events.


  2. Press

    This involves composition of press releases, blog posts and articles about current affairs and updates concerning the Youth Platform, their publication and liaising with key stakeholders in national media.

Each sub-team is comprised of marketing officers headed by deputies and led by the director of marketing.

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