Director of External Outreach

Gyubin's primary focus is developing the Youth Platform's relationship with the national and international community, including varied actors such as local UNAs, NGOs, UN Agencies, charities, and other youth organisations. In doing so, the External Outreach department establishes UNA-YP’s presence and credibility in the network of international and humanitarian organisations. 

He also coordinates responses and campaigns across social media, finding speakers for our 2020 Foundation Conference, recruiting workshop staff, and encouraging individuals and societies to get involved with our fledgling organisation.


Outside of UNA-YP, Gyubin is a third-year Natural Sciences student at University College London concentrating in condensed-matter physics. An avid MUNer since 2015, he has participated in dozens of conferences across the world. Since 2017, he has worked as an MUN and public speaking coach, volunteering in teaching soft skills to disadvantaged students. 

Having grown up internationally, he has developed a keen interest in international affairs, despite the fact that he is a Physics major. In particular, he is passionate about energy policies in LEDCs. 

Through UNA-YP, Gyubin hopes to realise his vision for a more unified and more relevant network of UNAs and MUN societies in the UK.

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