Director of Marketing

The job of the director of marketing is to oversee the various forms of social media platforms the organisation uses including but not limited to, the website, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. There is also a great overlap with other bodies like campaigns and outreach, this typically manifests as promoting the campaigns and events the outreach departments may be conducting all the while making sure the campaigns have an ever-increasing reach and therefore a greater impact for more people. The role of the director can also mean communicating with speakers through social media, connecting to groups with similar interests and making sure to assist in the running of the administrative nature of the entire platform.


Daniel is a 2nd year student at the university of Sheffield studying digital media and society. He has been part of high school MUNs from the age of 14 but had a break during his A levels and first year of University. 

Since becoming president of Sheffield MUN (2019-2020) he has endeavoured to put on a range of UN related activities, these include, speakers from the BBC and coalition mission to Afghanistan, panel discussions and weekly debates. With this experience, as well as being training and inclusion officer the year before focused his drive to doing something more with the MUN circuit. 

With Daniel being one of the founding members of the UNA-YP organisation he has given his all to creating an inclusive and focused group of people looking to direct the plethora of potential that MUN and UN related organisations around the UK have available to hopefully influence major NGOs and government bodies to implement key changes on a  national level.