Director of Model UN

Alex envisions the role of Director of Model UN as a supportive role, designed to facilitate communication between societies and generate greater collaboration between university UN associations. The need for such a position is even more significant in a world as challenging as ours currently is. Nevertheless, he does not see the position is an entirely passive one. One challenge is how to integrate people who have chosen to take on all online option for their first year of studies, or those who wish to continue their education online. Alex intends to build a network designed to support those students.

Inclusion is one of the critical goals of the UN. With Model UN dedicated to emulating the real United Nations, Alex feels it is essential to develop a way for students who cannot attend university to have a way to participate. Another initiative is to develop a backup mechanism to host conferences entirely online should a second wave of the pandemic occur. If universities are forced to close, then some conferences may have to be cancelled or moved to another time slot. Changing the dates of a conference could lead to over-saturation throughout the course of the year. Furthermore, some university associations will be dependent upon the revenue generated from their conferences to remain financially solvent. It may be necessary to help merge conferences, so societies do not collapse.

While the current crisis poses difficulties, it also offers opportunities to do things better than we have done before. The UNA-YP is a testament to the ingenuity of students across the United Kingdom. During a time of social distancing, students have come together to build an organisation dedicated to creating a UK youth delegation and to strengthening the partnership between MUN and UN-related youth societies.

Outside of UNA-YP and MUN, Alex is a final year law student at the University of York. During his university career he has attended numerous UN conferences both as a delegate and chair and is a keen debater and travel enthusiast. His family are spread across North and South America, enabling Alex to experience life in numerous nations as he grew up.